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Modern day Nephilim

Modern Day Nephilim

Today we have unnatural phenomena and unexplained wonders.  For example we have the seven wonders of the ancient world.  There are pyramids and hieroglyphics that go into detail about matters that are unexplained.  Some would argue that the sphinxes and Egyptian architecture of the ancient world were created in part by the Nephilim. The precision required is not humanly possible according to our knowledge today.  We have a few surviving references to these things, such as the Bible, the book of Enoch, Egyptian hieroglyphics and other sources found around the world.  Some of these references may be based on speculation and hear say.  Few know the real story.  As people like me put the puzzle pieces together, we will one day have a complete and thorough understanding. 



 I will add some pictures to create a mental image of the structures I am referring to.






This page on my site is going to explore the modern view of the Nephilim.  Alot of what your will see on this page is arguable and may not be proven. But is only present to fairly explore a different branch of the nephilim.

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