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I was encoureged to develop a web page as a project to learn how. When i got started I had no idea what I should do it on and so i just pondered on it for a while and then I decided that I would dedicate it to my interest in the Nephilim. Im a 19 year old male from Northern Canada. My interest in The Nephilim started when I was 11 and heard that there was a half human half Angel being that was out there. Since then I have tried making sense of it all and learning more from friends and just research. Most of what I know is on this site from various sources. I would love to hear your comments on my site and suggestions to improve it. My E-mail address is posted below.

E-mail your thoughts and suggestions. Depending on the volume I recieve I will sincerely try and answer any questions u have and respond to the suggestions and comments u have on my site. My E-mail address is
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